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Replace missing teeth


Replace missing teeth

In most cases there are three options for replacing lost teeth: implants, bridges and dentures. Each option has its own merits and limitations, which we’ll discuss with you to ensure you choose the best treatment plan.

Implants offer a great long-term solution for replacing your teeth – they look and feel natural. Firmly fixed into your bone in place of where your tooth root would be, an implant provides a solid foundation for a crown to be attached. Each case is studied in detail, with in-house CT scans routinely used to assess bone dimensions and volume to come up with a bespoke plan that is safe and predictable. 

Bridges are crowns that are linked together and fixed onto teeth either side of a missing tooth. The support teeth need to be prepared, unlike with implant solutions, however treatment can be complete often within a few weeks.

Dentures are a removable device consisting of teeth attached to an acrylic or metal frame. This can be a cost effective solution if several teeth are missing; however they may be less secure or comfortable than the other options.