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Cosmetic enhancement


Cosmetic enhancement

Tooth whitening Teeth naturally discolour over time, especially if you smoke, or drink lots of tea, coffee or red wine. Professional whitening is a great way to get back your natural teeth whiteness.

We use whitening gels that are kind to teeth and safe to use. Using a custom-made tray for your teeth, you apply the gel for an hour a day. Some clients start to see significant changes to the brightness of their smile after 3-4 weeks; those with heavier stains will typically see a change in appearance after six-eight weeks.

Straighten your teeth This can help improve confidence and self-esteem. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean which helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums. We use a variety of modern straightening systems including Invisalign and Cfast, with many clients preferring options that can straighten teeth in six months or less.

Smile design / makeover We have lots of experience creating completely new looks for clients who wish to change their smile or improve a number of their teeth.

In these more complex cases, we work especially closely with our clients to work in a way and at a pace that best suits them. 

In most cases we will share a preview of how the teeth will look when finished, ensuring that a client is 100% happy and in agreement with the treatment plan before we start the work.

Our clear, patient and empathetic consulting approach is essential for these more complex treatment plans.